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Float Pool Management

Float Pool ManagementThe Medefis Float Pool Management system is an on-demand, internet-accessible software platform that enables you to quickly fill last minute shift vacancies using your own internal nursing staff. Our system hEPLS you reduce your reliance on external staffing agencies by allowing your existing nursing staff to self schedule for open positions.

The Medefis Float Pool Management platform allows you to:

  • Electronically manage your entire internal float pool of nurses
  • Organize openings and view your staff’s availability
  • Automatically notify nurses of newly available shifts
  • Eliminate manual scheduling and phone calls
  • Control costs by utilizing internal resources before moving to external options

Medefis Float Pool Management eases your administrative and compliance burdens and give your organization the proper tool to effectively manage your nursing float pool. By starting the staffing process with your own staff, your organization’s management team can better focus its attention on delivering excellent patient care and improving profitability.

You will be able to improve your staffing process by:

  • Utilizing your internal nursing staff before submitting open jobs to staffing agencies
  • Issuing each employee a personalized scheduling account
  • Efficiently managing your staff’s credentials
  • Automating the compliance notification process
  • Promoting self-scheduling with first-come acceptance
  • Generating departmental usage and expense reports
  • Utilizing our Crisis Staffing Notification (alerts all resources in seconds)
  • Alerting outside vendors if a shift is not filled internally (can be automated)

We've created an industry leading nursing Float Pool Management system by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies combined with world-class service. Simply put, the Medefis Float Pool Management system will save your organization time and money.

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