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About Medefis

Medefis is a Vendor Management system that has streamlined the process of staffing by offering convenience, cost containment, and operational efficiency in the procurement of supplemental staff from outside vendors. Medefis has helped reduce the solicitations facilities get from staffing agencies, improved the contract terms with them, and have assisted in rate reductions.

Medefis offers an e-commerce version of the classic RFP or RFQ process by utilizing an on-line venue for facilities to announce openings for temporary medical professionals. By posting open positions on a web site supported by Medefis, all staffing agencies are immediately notified of the new project via e-mail. This prompts the staffing agencies to bid on the positions in an open real-time forum. Complete candidate profiles are then automatically submitted directly to the job order creator for evaluation and interviews. Whether for permanent employees, travelers, or local temporaries medical facilities are assured the best-qualified candidates at the lowest true market rate.

Advantages to Medical Facilities:

  • Instant access to the largest pool of temporary and traveling employees
  • Efficient use of time - postings currently access over 200 agencies signed on with Medefis
  • Lowest price for the best qualified employee
  • Instantly adjusts contractor pricing in relation to market conditions
  • Reduce solicitations - direct all staffing inquiries to Medefis
  • Less time spent dealing with staffing companies telemarketing and negotiating with you
  • Elimination of hidden costs - all rates are provided in all-inclusive terms
  • Less contract negotiation - Medefis provides a facility contract for the staffing agencies to sign
  • Costs the facility nothing to implement or use
  • Fast and simple system implementation

Advantages to Staffing Agencies:

  • Medefis has accounts in over 40 states
  • New Job order notifications are instantly e-mailed to you
  • Candidates profiles are directly emailed to hiring authorities
  • Professional and courteous support from Medefis Account Managers
  • User friendly to the staffing agency, submissions take less than 5 minutes with our systematic flow
  • Competition awareness - able to see a brief description of other submissions
  • Detailed job descriptions for the job order to ensure qualified candidate submissions
  • System operates in real time
  • Quick turnaround from the facilities

Medefis Consulting Solutions:

Medefis offers medical institutions its experience in the medical staffing industry to accomplish client specific goals and projects. Solutions are tailored to best meet the current and future needs of your facility. Please contact us with any questions or for an evaluation on how Medefis can tailor its services to best achieve your goals.